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Dragon Nest Warriors’ Dawn is a 2014 Chinese animated fantasy-romance-adventure film directed by Soong Yuefeng and based on the Dragon Nest cartridge game. Dragon Nest 2014 More Information……

Dragon Nest 2014

The others join in the field of to free the dark gem, and Argenta transforms into a Silver Dragon to help her brother. By combining their powers, they are eventually able to detach the dark gem from Karas, homicide the monster by the side of keeping up.

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The film takes place fifty years formerly the game. Alteria is ground at odds in the middle of humans, elves, goblinoids (called “beasts”), and dragons. Decades in the past, the elves and humans drove the beasts and dragons back into the Dark Mountains. However, with the beasts defeated, the humans and elves eventually came into conflict with both other.

in this manner lasting innocent so as to evil begins to bloom and secure strength again inside the Dark Mountains, all centered on a gem of power embedded in the field of the chest of the sleeping Black Dragon Karas, under whose influence the beasts tolerate united into an army.

A conceited, adventurous individual boy named Lambert and his dogs single and Two tolerate a run-in with a tubby beast crowd on a raid. Impartial formerly they come to an end up killed, they are saved by a trio of famous adventurers: Barnac, a famous mercenary, and captain of a speedy convey;.

Geraint, a famous dragon fighter; and Argenta, Geraint’s sister. They proceed to the individual kingdom of Saint Heaven, to which two Elven maidens, Princess Nerwin and her companion Liya, tolerate secretly traveled to press the queen in support of an alliance aligned with the beasts.

While the newly-found allies pleat their forces, Liya bad skin a shadow adjoining the king’s dining hallway and follows it, accompanied by Lambert. Nearby, they sneak into a gathering relating the queen, Terramar (his priest and advisor), Karacule (a sorceress), Nerwin, Barnac, Geraint, Argenta.

and Velskud discussing the menace of Karas and the gem forming both his support of power and his on the whole vulnerable smudge. An argument concluded who be supposed to take upon yourself confinement of the gem breaks not on until Lambert interrupts them with a sketch in support of a combined diversionary.

attack and infiltration, leading which – although the sketch is usual – he and Liya are kicked not on. However, by listening in the field of they become skilled at so as to the gem’s dark power corrupts individuals of weak sensitivity and pray therefore tolerate to befall destroyed.

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Dragon Nest issue appointment 31 July 2014 The arrow was guided by Liya, who has returned from the edge of death, and she and Lambert cuddle both others in the field of a kiss. The Alliance army arrives and picks the heroes up in support of a badger dwelling.

but Elena has gained possession of Karas’ gem. Following the come to end credits, Dragon Nest 2014 Lambert reunites with his dogs and correspondingly renames them Bow and Arrow.

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Dragon Nest film earned 57.402 million by the side of the Chinese box function. While trying to move himself a sword, Lambert encounters Liya and locks of hair teaming up with her and his heroic companions aligned with a crowd of beasts attacking the city.

holding them inedible until the Imperial Knights under Velskud can bring the position under control. With evidence of the additional menace on his literal doorstep, the terrified queen decisively agrees to the alliance.


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