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Helicopter Eela is a 2018 Indian Hindi-language film directed by Pradeep Sarkar. It skin texture Kajol in the sphere of the principal role the same as an aspiring vocalist and single tend and is in black and white by Mitesh Shah and Anand Gandhi. It is based on the Gujarati fool around Beta, Kaagdo, in black and white by Anand Gandhi. More Information……

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Helicopter Eela involvement in the sphere of Vivan’s life becomes so much with the aim of Vivan decides to leave his farmhouse to let somebody have a little hole to Eela and to locate her own identity. Eela joins a college theatre bang, and starts singing again.Pre-production of the film began in the sphere of January 2017, and principal photography commenced from 24 January 2018. It was released on 12 October 2018.

Helicopter Eela 2018 Casting:-

Eela, a single tend rejoins her college to complete her education as soon as 22 years. In the sphere of the flashback, it is made known with the aim of she is an approaching, partially-famous model/singer, who records songs in black and white by her boyfriend Arun.

Whilst she is recording in favor of a career-breaking song in favor of a Mukesh Bhatt project, the project gets cancelled indefinitely. So she and her boyfriend decide to acquire married. As soon as hardly any months it is made known with the aim of she gives birth to a boy named Vivan.

While since their people tree, Eela and Arun realise with the aim of many male members of Arun’s people died in the sphere of their in the dead of night 30s, which drives Arun crazy the same as he is in addition in the sphere of his in the dead of night 30s. So he at length decides to leave Eela and Vivan to pursue his own dreams the same as it might be present his final years.

Eela, at present a single mom, is very in excess of defending more or less Vivan. She keeps meddling in the sphere of Vivan’s life continuously and she at length joins the same college the same as Vivan to complete her studies. Single daylight hours suddenly Arun comes back, but he goes dazed the same as soon he realizes with the aim of Eela and Vivan don’t need him.

Helicopter Eela 2018 Production & Release:-

The at the outset promo of the film was released on 5 eminent 2018 having an opening make public engagement the same as 7 September 2018. But soon, the film make public engagement was postponed to 12 October 2018. In the twelve-monthly singing competition she is not permissible to sing for the reason that of her age and ancient singing profession.

But Vivaan encourages her to sing on the stage and they as one let somebody have a remarkable performance. In the sphere of the credits, it is made known with the aim of she has resumed her singing decision herself as soon as many years.

Helicopter Eela 2018 Box office:-

Helicopter Eela clashed with Pushpdeep Bharwaj’s Jalebi, Tummbad and Fryday by the side of the box headquarters. Tumbad garnered Rs. 2.75 crore while Jalebi earned Rs. 1.65 crore. “Tumbbad is very poor with a weekend of Rs. 2.75 crore (nett).

The film had the superlative trend of all the fresh releases but it’s from a very low start so the growth hardly matters if not it was like trebling up on Saturday and after that doubling Saturday on Sunday,” the Box headquarters India arrive declared.


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