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In The Name Of The King 2007 Movie Info:-

In The Name Of The King 2007 action-fantasy film directed by Uwe Boll and starring Jason Statham, Claire Forlani, Leelee Sobieski, John Rhys-Davies, Ron Perlman, and Ray Liotta. It is inspired by the Dungeon Siege video game series.

The English-language film was an international (German, American, and Canadian) co-production and filmed in Canada. It premiered at the Brussels Festival of Fantastic Films in April 2007 and was released in theatres in November 2007.

In The Name Of The King 2007 Movie Plot:-

In the Kingdom of Ehb, a man known only as Farmer is living a happy life with his wife Solana and their young son Zeph in the town of Stonebridge. One day, the town gets attacked by creatures known as the Krug. The Krug, who is known to be primitive and animal-like, surprise the Kingdom’s inhabitants by taking up arms.

donning armor and are fighting against Ehb with courage, intelligence, and ferocity. This is due to them being influenced by Gallian, a very powerful Magus who has become sadistic and megalomaniacal and seeks to conquer and rule the Kingdom of Ehb.

During the attack, Farmer, along with his friend Norick and his brother-in-law Bastian, fights off the Krug but he fails to save Zeph, who gets killed by Gallian via a Krug avatar. Solana and other Stonebridge inhabitants are taken, prisoner.

King Konrad, Commander Tarish and a legion of Ehb’s army arrive at Stonebridge to survey the damage and recruit others to join their army. Merrick, the King’s Magus, tries to learn of Farmer’s identity when he notices Norick, who he believes he’s seen before.

Farmer, Norick, and Bastian set off on their own to find Solana. Meanwhile, Merrick’s daughter Muriella, who had fallen in love with Gallian, breaks off her romance with him after seeing his dark nature and realizing that he only tried to train her power so he can take it away.

She confesses to her father, who believes that her love for Gallian has created an imbalance of their powers in Gallian’s favor. Meanwhile, Konreid’s selfish and immature nephew Duke Fallow is in league with Gallian and he seeks.

to take his uncle’s place. He attempts to poison Konreid and takes an army legion for his own. Soon after, Konreid heals and takes the rest of his army to go and battle Gallian’s forces.   In The Name Of The King 2007 Movie Poster

While going through Sedgwick Forest, Farmer and his companions encounter the reclusive nymphs led by Elora, who leads them out of the forest. When they attempt to rescue Solana from the Krug, Farmer gets knocked out and Norick and Bastian get captured.

When Farmer is getting hanged by another one of Gallian’s avatars, In The Name Of The King 2007 he kills the avatar, frees himself and is soon saved by Merrick. Farmer gets taken to Konreid and his army’s camp, where Merrick.

Meanwhile, Norick, Bastian, and Solana are taken to Gallian’s lair at Christwind Hold. Norick gets killed while trying to fight back and Solana gets taken to Gallian, whose sense of royal blood reveals that Solana is pregnant with Farmer’s second child. Going on a mission to infiltrate Gallian’s lair.

Farmer is joined by Merick, Muriella and Elora, who has sided with Ehb against Gallian, while Tarish and the remaining army hold off against the advancing Krug. Merick magically enters the lair and fights Gallian, who manages to kill Merick. Farmer and Muriella manage to get into the lair as well, but Elora stays behind.

Farmer finds Solana and fights Gallian in a sword battle. When Gallian resorts to using his magic to gain the upper hand, he prepares to kill him until Muriella arrives and tries to save Farmer. Gallian weakens Muriella’s magic and defeats her, only for Solana to stab him.

With him wounded, Farmer quickly defeats Gallian by slitting his throat and killing him. Gallian’s influence goes away and the Krug go back to being primitive, saving Bastian and the prisoners and Tarish and his battered forces. Having finally avenged his son, Farmer and Solana are happily reunited as the Kingdom of Ehb is saved.

In The Name Of The King 2007 Movie Cast:-

  • Jason Statham as Farmer / Camden Konreid
  • Leelee Sobieski as Muriella
  • John Rhys-Davies as Merick
  • Ron Perlman as Norick
  • Claire Forlani as Solana
  • Kristanna Loken as Elora
  • Matthew Lillard as Duke Fallow
  • Ray Liotta as Gallian
  • Burt Reynolds as King Konreid
  • Brian White as Commander Tarish
  • Mike Dopud as General Backler
  • Will Sanderson as Bastian
  • Tania Saulnier as Talwyn
  • Gabrielle Rose as Delinda
  • Terence Kelly as Trumaine
  • Colin Ford as Zeph

In The Name Of The King 2007 movie Production:-

The production budget was $60 million, making it Uwe Boll’s most expensive film production to date. Boll has said that two versions will be produced due to length. The first will run for 127 minutes as a single movie trimmed down for cinematic release.

The second, a director’s cut, will be for DVD and run for approximately 156 minutes. The film was shot near the Municipality of Sooke, the westernmost area of the Greater Victoria, Capital Regional District (CRD), British Columbia.

Locals and First Nations people were recruited as extras and for other duties. Visual effects were added in post-production. Companies included Elektrofilm, Frantic Films, The Orphanage, PICTORIAL das Werk, Rocket Science VFX, Technicolor Creative Services, TVT postproduction, and upstart! here………

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