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Jurassic 2015 Movie Info:-

Jurassic World 2015 American science fiction adventure film, the fourth installment of the Same series, and the first film in the That franchise. It was directed by Colin Trevorrow, written by Derek Connolly and Trevorrow, produced by Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley, and stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D’Onofrio, Ty Simpkins, Nick Robinson, Omar Sy, BD Wong, and Irrfan Khan.

Set 22 years after the events of Jurassic Park, Jurassic World takes place on the same fictional Central American island of Isla Nublar, which is located off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, where a theme park of cloned dinosaurs has operated for nearly a decade. The park plunges into chaos when a genetically-engineered dinosaur escapes from its enclosure and goes on a rampage.

Universal Pictures intended to begin production of a fourth Jurassic Park film in 2004 for a mid-2005 release but development stalled while the script underwent several revisions. Following a suggestion from executive producer Steven Spielberg, writers Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver explored the idea of a functional dinosaur park.

Once Trevorrow was hired as director in 2013, Jurassic World 2015 he followed the same idea while developing a new script with Derek Connolly. Filming lasted from April to August 2014 in Louisiana and Hawaii. The dinosaurs were created by Industrial Light & Magic using CGI and by Legacy Effects using life-sized animatronics.

Jurassic 2015 Movie Plot:-

Brothers Zach and Gray Mitchell visit Jurassic World, a dinosaur theme park on Isla Nublar, of which their aunt Claire Dearing is the operations manager. Claire assigns her assistant Zara as the boys’ guide, but they evade her and explore on their own. Elsewhere on the island, U.S. Navy veteran.

and ethologist Owen Grady has been training four Velociraptors and researching their intelligence. Based on the raptors’ ability to follow commands, head of InGen security Vic Hoskins believes that the animals can be weaponized, Jurassic World 2015 an idea Owen and his assistant Barry begrudgingly oppose.

Prior to its opening, Claire and park owner Simon Masrani inspect the park’s newest attraction, the Indominus rex, a genetically-engineered dinosaur created by geneticist Dr. Henry Wu. Masrani tasks Owen with evaluating the enclosure. Owen warns Claire that the Indominus lacks social skills.

making it dangerous and unpredictable. When it seems that the Indominus has escaped, Owen and two park workers enter the enclosure. The Indominus, which can camouflage itself and mask its heat signature, suddenly appears. Owen survives, but it devours the other two men before escaping into the island’s interior.

Owen advises Masrani to have the Indominus killed, but with an interest to protect his company’s investment, Masrani dispatches a specialized unit to subdue it with non-lethal weaponry. After most of the unit is slaughtered, Claire orders the evacuation of the island’s northern sector.

While exploring the park in a tour vehicle, Zach and Gray enter a restricted area. The Indominus arrives and destroys the vehicle but the boys narrowly escape. They find the ruins of the original Jurassic Park visitor center, repair an old Jeep Wrangler, and drive back to the park resort.

As Claire and Owen search for the boys, they barely escape the Indominus. Masrani and two troopers hunt the Indominus by helicopter but it breaks into the park’s aviary, releasing pterosaurs – Pteranodon and Dimorphodon species.

which collide with the helicopter, causing it to crash, killing Masrani and his troopers in the process. Gray and Zach find Owen and Claire at the resort as armed personnel shoots down swarming pterosaurs with tranquilizers.    Jurassic World 2015 Movie Poster

Jurassic 2015 Movie Cast:-

  • Chris Pratt as Owen Grady
  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire Dearing
  • Vincent D’Onofrio as Vic Hoskins
  • Ty Simpkins as Gray Mitchell
  • Nick Robinson as Zach Mitchell
  • Omar Sy as Barry, Owen’s assistant who helps care for the raptors.
  • BD Wong as Dr. Henry Wu
  • Irrfan Khan as Simon Masrani
  • Jake Johnson as Lowery Cruthers
  • Lauren Lapkus as Vivian
  • Brian Tee as Hamada
  • Katie McGrath as Zara
  • Judy Greer as Karen Mitchell
  • Andy Buckley as Scott Mitchell

Jurassic World 2015 movie Production:-

In May 2001, Steven Spielberg had Amblin Entertainment commence the development of ideas for Jurassic Park IV, which he planned to produce. Initially, Jurassic Park III director Joe Johnston was not interested in directing the fourth film.

In 2002, William Monahan was announced as a screenwriter, and a release date was set for mid-2005. Kathleen Kennedy would produce the film, and Spielberg would serve as executive producer.

An early story idea would partially involve dinosaurs migrating to the Costa Rican mainland. A team of experts, including Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ian Malcolm, would chart an expedition to an offshore island and discover the dinosaurs breeding freely. Part of the plot would involve the characters.

devising a way to restrict the spread of the dinosaurs and prevent an ecological disaster. Early concept art also depicted genetically engineered human-dinosaur mercenaries. Monahan’s first draft of the script was finished in July 2003; the story was not set in a jungle, as in previous films.Click here………

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