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The notebook is a 2019 Indian Hindi-language romantic drama film produced by Salman Khan under Salman Khan Films and directed by Nitin Kakkar. It stars Zaheer Iqbal and Pranutan Bahl in the sphere of the be in the lead roles. It is the unveiling film of both Zaheer Iqbal and Pranutan Bahl. The film is a recreate of the 2014 Thai film Teacher’s Diary. More Information……

It tells the story of a baby’s retired army official who teaches in the sphere of his father’s educate to save it from closure. He sprays in the sphere of fondness with the prior teacher by evaluation her diary gone in the sphere of the drawer. The film was released on 29 protest rally 2019 and has a customary miscellaneous response from critics.

Notebook 2019 Casting:-

Kabir Kaul, a baby retired army official, decides to teach in the sphere of his late-night father’s educate, the Wular free educate to the same degree the educate yearn for ensuing congested if near is rebuff teacher to teach.

By the side of the educated, he finds a diary gone behind in the sphere of the desk drawer by the prior teacher, Firdaus Quadri. Children start upcoming to educate in the manner of learning with the aim of a contemporary teacher has at home.

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However, they disobey Kabir, leading him to think with the aim of the cannot teach, but in the manner of evaluation Firdaus’s diary, he gains confidence and decides to try.

Kabir experiences a separation from his girlfriend, who is having a situation and believes with the aim of Kabir is at present hopeless to marry her to the same degree he has gone the army. He is inconsolable but takes relief in the sphere of the schoolchildren and Firdaus’s diary.

Symbols interpretation in the sphere of it. He learns in the region of Imran, single of the schoolchildren, whose father, Yakub, wants him to help in the sphere of the household more readily than attending educate. Notebook 2019 HD Movie Download, Notebook 2019 Movie Download.

Using help from the diary, Kabir succeeds in the sphere of bringing Imran back to educate. He decides to burn Firdaus’s diary in the manner of learning she is getting married but retrieves it in the sphere of a fit of epiphany.

Notebook 2019 Production & Release:-

On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has scored 25% based on 8 reviews with a usual rating of 4.6/10. Nandini Ramnath of Scroll. In the sphere of writes, “Notebook has a normal be in the lead brace, an underwhelming dull fondness story in the sphere of which the actors don’t share the screen.

In lieu of not quite the complete duration of the narrative, particular of the nearly everyone ravishing views of Kashmir yet, a bunch of adorable children and a soundtrack with the minority satisfactory tunes.”

Rachit Gupta of time of India rated the film with three stars banned of five and says, “Notebook is an at ease watch someplace you can go up in price the humor, drama, and romance. But the film leaves you short in lieu of additional. Perhaps with additional creativity in the sphere of symbols.

This baby romantic saga may well boast achieved additional.”Salman Khan unveiled the leading poster of the film on Valentine’s era. The executive promo of the film was released on 22 February 2019. A special screening of the film was held in lieu of Bollywood stars and household on 28 protest rally 2019. Notebook 2019 Download, Notebook 2019 Free Movie Download, Notebook 2019 Full Movie Download.

Notebook 2019 Box office:-

The notebook is a 2019 made est. ₹3.72 crores on the second-day issue by the side of the box company and is likely to persist its course in the sphere of approaching box company releases. Produced by Salman Khan.

Managed to act particular handhold on Monday to the same degree it brought in the sphere of 2.40 crores. Compared to 3.35 crores with the aim of was collected on Friday, this is reasonable. With the aim of assumed, it would boast been even better had the collections stayed in excess of the 3 crore smudge.

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