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Puli 2015 Movie Info:-

Puli 2015 Indian Tamil-language fantasy action-adventure film written and directed by Chimbu Deven. The film features Vijay in a dual role alongside Sridevi, Shruti Haasan and Hansika Motwani. Sudeep features as the main antagonist.

of the film along with Prabhu and Nandita Swetha in supporting roles. The film showcases Vijay in dual roles as a demon prince and a powerless demon.

The film is dubbed into Telugu and Hindi languages simultaneously. Both the Telugu and Hindi versions were released a day later on 2 October 2015. Produced by Vijay’s public relations officer Selvakumar, the film has music composed by Devi Sri Prasad, Natarajan Subramaniam.

as the cinematographer and has T. Muthuraj as the production designer. After beginning pre-production works in early 2013, the film began its shoot in November 2014. The film’s original Tamil language was released on 1 October 2015 worldwide. It performed well overseas but underperformed domestically. The film was praised for its visual effects but criticized for its screenplay.

The story revolves around the clash between humans and demons (Vedhalams) ruled by demon kingdom in a fantasy world where the human who is fighting for justice for the killing of humans by demons forging as a demon turns out to be a child of a demon prince whose powers were suppressed by the human clan.

Puli 2015 Movie Plot:-

Marudheeran is the adopted son of a tribal village chief named Vembunathan (Prabhu). From a young age, he notices the atrocities regularly committed on the villagers by soldiers from the neighboring kingdom of Vedhalapuram called the Vedhalams, who have supernatural powers.

One day when Vedhalams try to kidnap Pavazhamalli, Marudheeran throws a stone, for which his sister sacrifices herself to save him. When he becomes an adult, Marudheeran (Vijay) starts to protect the villagers from the Vedhalams, because of which he is well respected by the villagers.     Puli 2015 Movie Poster

Marudheeran falls in love with his childhood sweetheart Pavazhamalli (Shruti Haasan), and both soon secretly get married and reveal it to Vembunathan, who blesses them. One day, Pavazhamalli is kidnapped by a group of Vedhalams, who then ransack the village and also kill Vembunathan.

Marudheeran, along with his close friends Kodangi (Thambi Ramaiah) and Sama (Sathyan), begins a journey to Vedhalapuram to rescue Pavazhamalli. During the journey, Marudheeran rescues Manthagini (Hansika Motwani), the princess of Vedhalapuram, from a panther.

This is noticed by Thalapathy Jalatharangan (Sudeep), the Commander-in-Chief of Vedhalapuram. On the pretext of being medicine makers, Marudheeran, Kodangi, and Sama enter the Vedhalapuram palace, where they meet Yavanarani (Sridevi), the cruel Queen of Vedhalapuram who is also a sorceress.

She allows them to stay at the palace, and soon Marudheeran wins the support of the Queen and the love of Manthagini with his fighting prowess and resilience. Yavanarani announces the engagement of Marudheeran with Manthagini and both get married.

Later, Marudheeran finds out that he himself is a Vedhalam. Marudheeran was the son of Pulivendhan (Vijay), the late prince of Vedhalapuram, Yavanarani’s younger brother and Manthagini’s uncle. When he stood up to Jalatharangan, who used to terrorize the citizens of Vedhalapuram with the help of his henchmen.

Jalatharangan killed him and his wife Pushpa (Nanditha). Marudheeran also finds out that Yavanarani is actually a puppet Queen under the influence of evil magical power emanating from Jalatharangan’s ring. Due to the evil magical influence, Yavanarani developed magical powers.

as well as her tyrannical behavior. She performs yearly Kanya Puja to boost her magical powers. After Yavanarani performs the Kanya Puja for the 18th consecutive year (this time on Pavazhamalli), Jalatharangan has planned to eliminate her and take over the throne.

Puli 2015 Movie Cast:-

  • Vijay as Marudheeran (Puli) and Pulivendhan
  • Sridevi as Queen Yavanarani
  • Sudeep as Thalapathy Jalatharangan
  • Shruti Haasan as Pavazhamalli
  • Hansika Motwani as Princess Manthagini
  • Prabhu as Vembunathan (Cameo appearance)
  • Nandita Swetha as Pushpa (Cameo appearance)
  • Vijayakumar as Vedhalam King
  • Thambi Ramaiah as Kodangi
  • Sathyan as Sama
  • Karunas as Sooran
  • Ali as Karki Newton, the Liliput King
  • Aadukalam Naren as Pavazhamalli’s father
  • Gayathri Raman as Pavazhamalli’s mother
  • Joe Malloori as Herbalist
  • Robo Shankar as Albert @ Alpha
  • Imman Annachi as Peter @ Beta
  • Vidyullekha Raman as Einstein Kamalakshi @ Gamma
  • Jangiri Madhumitha as Tharagamangalam
  • Jasper as Jalatharangan’s assistant
  • Sugunthan as Vedhalam
  • Ajay Rathnam
  • Junior Balaiah
  • Sangili Murugan
  • Vadivukkarasi
  • Tinnu Anand
  • G. M. Kumar
  • Sampath Ram
  • I. S. Rajesh

Puli 2015 movie Production:-

Chimbu Deven was reported to be working on a “fantasy film set in contemporary times” in January 2011 for UTV Motion Pictures and Dhanush was subsequently signed on to play the leading role. The film was titled as Maareesan, with G. V. Prakash Kumar and Kathir signed on as composer and cinematographer respectively.

while the team revealed filming would start in late 2011. Genelia D’Souza and Hansika Motwani were confirmed to play the leading female roles in the film, while Vadivelu was also reported to be a part of the cast. However, in October 2011, UTV Motion Pictures left the project citing the escalating budget.

and Aascar Films replaced them as producers. The project later failed to take off, and the actor and director moved on to work on other ventures. During the production of his Oru Kanniyum Moonu Kalavaanikalum (2014) in late 2013, Chimbu Deven restarted preliminary work on the fantasy film and narrated the script to Vijay, who expressed interest in being a part of the project.Click here………

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